About us at Diamond Dragonz

Family Owned and Operated

Reptile Owner/Breeder. We are family owned and operated. We take the time to socialize with each individual animal as far as handling the bearded dragons daily for taming efforts and maintain clean housing and routinely disinfect environment.

Shipping, Tax and Housing before purchases

Our shipping fee and tax is always included in the price of bearded dragons up for sale when you purchase. We ship overnight priority via FedEx for next day arrival. PLEASE CHECK “Terms & Conditions/Shipping” Tab as well as our ”Care Sheet” tab for more information on proper essential care before making a purchase. 

You will need to have an enclosure set-up equipped with proper lighting and feeders ready to supply your dragon with upon arrival. Discussion to confirm this will take place before shipping Out. Our babies we produce here at Diamond Dragonz are high End/High quality Dragonz. Proof of enclosures and/or set-ups as well as research on bearded dragons ensures us that we have done our part to prevent re-homing to Loss. 

Thank you!! And much love from us here at Diamond Dragonz. ✌🏼❤️🦎


We host drawings for giveaways occasionally, giving our customers a chance to win bearded dragons.  These events will be hosted on Instagram and Facebook. So make sure and follow us on both pages for participation in these events.

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Diamond Dragonz

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States