Care Sheet

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Hydration and Feeding

Hydrating your dragon is a must wether it be misting with a mister or bathing frequently throughout the week(Shallow water when soaking and watch as they drink.). Make sure they get a drink daily so they stay healthy and hydrated. If your using a mister, gently mist the tip of their nose. When they start licking keep misting on the top of head until you see it pool up by their mouth. Or spray inside enclosure in a spot where they can see it and come get a drink. When soaking your dragon always keep an eye on them. If they drink too much water take them out, dry off and place in their enclosure underneath basking spot.

When feeding your dragon make sure you purchase your bugs from a reputable insect breeder. Babies eat BSFL(Black Soldier Fly Larvae), Dubia Roaches, Mealworms, Crickets and MiniMealworms(Buffalo Beatle Larvae)⬅️High in Probiotics for babies. Dust a little bit of Calcium & D3 Vitamins on everything you feed your baby. Most insect dusters you purchase at the pet store will have calcium & D3 in the ingredients. D3 is important for bone development as the little ones grow. They can also absorb D3 from fluorescent Reptisun bulbs.

Veggies-  We use Mixed Greens(Collard Greens, Mustard Greens and Kale).⬅️ Has Vitamins. Dust Greens with Calcium & D3. If you’d like, mist with water for extra hydration.

You can try scheduling(example):

Veggies in the morning.

Bugs in the afternoon.

Or Vice Versa. They may not eat veggies everytime but should be offered so they can eat them when they feel they need them.

Bearded Dragons for sale

Lighting & Temps

Proper lighting is essential for the baby’s bone development and digestion. Bulbs must have UVA and UVA/UVB.⬅️ Do not use regular house lightbulbs!!!(Your baby will slowly die from no bone development). Petsmart and Petco carry these necissary bulbs(UVA/UVB). Also Repticon and any reptile expo will carry the correct lighting material you may need.

Babies require at least 8 hours of basking during the day at temps of 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit. As they get older the temps will be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.