Terms & Conditions/Shipping Policy

Shipping is always included in the price of dragon shown on “Available Bearded Dragons” List. Once you place your order, you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss shipping date. You must be at your house address on time of package arrival. Not being present at time of package arrival will void the live arrival guarantee. All orders are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight. Shipping and packaging charges which include proper heat/cold pack(If called for, depending on destination and temp), insulated box and all package material are included with purchase of your dragon. All sales are final.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING ONLY, unless otherwise discussed before sale or purchase.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Diamond Dragonz guarantees our dragons to arrive alive and healthy upon delivery and 14 days after arrival. The proper Husbandry or knowledge of bearded dragons and proper care for them must be known and/or studied prior to purchase(There’s a ”Care Sheet” tab in our menu to study if you aren’t exactly sure about something before purchasing). Proper communication must be provided to discuss any issues that may arise within the 14 day health guarantee. If your dragon arrives D.O.A. Please provide clear pictures as well as a full description of the situation and save all packing materials-Photos and description must be sent within 45 minutes of recorded delivery time confirmed by FedEx. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans are offered with terms at the discretion of Diamond Dragonz. Payment plans are due within 28 days unless otherwise agreed to beforehand. A down payment amount and payment amounts will vary depending on price of the dragon and will be discussed at the time of sale. All payments, including down payments made towards dragon are nonrefundable.  If the customer changes their mind during or after making payments or paid in full, will be given as credit towards next purchase.